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Winter Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Tips for Outdoor Winter Sports


Winter is a time of the year where many kids will enjoy outdoor sports such as sledding, snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding. All of these are wonderful and enjoyable sports and children as well as parents should always take the necessary precautions to prevent injuries.






·         Always wear a helmet when participating in these sports

·         Choose a certified helmet that is made just for snow sports i.e. (ASTM F2040, Sell RS-98 or CEN 1077 standards)

·         Make sure the helmet fits properly

a.       Does not touch the nape of the neck

b.      No more than 1 inch above eyebrows

c.       Pads should flush against child’s cheeks and forehead

d.      Should be snug and chin straps should be fastened at all times

·         Replace a helmet if it has been involved in a crash or hit hard

·         Never Ski or snowboard alone

·         Avoid loose clothing or cords that can get caught in lifts, towropes and ski poles

·         Use Yellow or red colored filters for goggles when the light is flat

·         Stay with an adult at all times while on a slope

·         Make sure all equipment is the right size and is adjusted properly


General Winter Safety Tips


·      Dress in layers to be protected from the cold

·      Have a snack before going outdoors to preserve energy

·      Apply sunscreen and lip balm to be protected from sunburn

·      If any white patches are present on the skin, go indoors as this is the first sign of  frostbite

·      Carry an extra set of gloves or mittens to replace wet ones


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