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Spot the Tot

Spot the Tot

Every year, many little lives are lost in tragic backover and frontover incidents.  These occur when a driver doesn't see a child behind or in front of a vehicle before they start driving.  Most of these incidents happen at or near a child's home, and the driver is often someone who loves the child very much--mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, aunts or uncles. 


Please help Safe Kids spread the message about "Spot the Tot."  Here are a few tips you can use to help keep kids safe, and to be a more careful driver at all times.

  • Always walk completely around your car before you get in.  Check for kids behind, under, or near your car.  This takes 5 seconds, and can save a life.
  • Teach kids that cars are not playgrounds--they should never play in, on, or near a vehicle, and toys should be kept away from cars and out of the driveway.  If a ball rolls into a driveway or parking lot, teach kids to wait for an adult, just as if a ball rolled into the street.
  • Hold kids' hands firmly when you are walking near vehicles--in your driveway, in the parking lot at the grocery store, or near any parked car. 
  • Before you back up or move your car, make sure you know where all the kids are, even if they aren't yours.  If your neighbor has 4 kids and you only see 3 playing in the yard, check to be sure the other child isn't behind your car.
  • The toddler years (1-4) are the most dangerous time for backovers and frontovers.  As soon as kids learn how to walk, they may want to follow Mom and Dad everywhere.  If your child isn't supposed to be coming with you to the car, make sure another adult is supervising them so they can't sneak out to follow you.
  • When your kids are going somewhere with you, make sure to carry them or hold their hands as you walk to the car.  Make sure everyone is buckled in to their car seat or seat belt before you move the car.  When you arrive at your destination, again make sure to carry your child or hold their hand once you all get out of the car. 
  • Be especially careful during busy, exciting, or stressful times.  When the whole family visits your house for the holidays, there are a lot more cars than normal, and a lot more chaos.  Keep a close eye on young children.  Or when you pull into the Chuck E. Cheese parking lot, your kids may want to dive out of the car and sprint across the parking lot.  Make sure to keep a firm hold on hands so your kids don't dart in front of, or behind, a car.

What about back up cameras?

Back up cameras are a great addition to any vehicle, as they decrease a driver's blind spot.  However, please don't rely on them.  Every driver should still walk around their vehicle before driving away, to check for kids near the car.