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Cleaning Bike Helmets


Kids and adults should always wear a bike or multi-sport helmet when they are biking, skating, skateboarding, or riding a scooter.  But what happens when we share helmets?  If you and your family members, friends, or classmates are sharing helmets, make sure to clean them between users.  This way, everyone's head is nice and safe, and we can reduce the risk of spreading head lice.

The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute is a great place to learn everything you need to know about bicycle helmets. They even have instructions for cleaning the helmets. Here is a summary of what they say:


  1. Always follow the manufacturers instructions in regards to cleaning.
  2. Most helmets can be cleaned in mildly soapy water, rinsed off and air dried.
  3. Never use harsh solvents.


Most bike helmets can deal with moisture fairly well. So don't worry about the helmet getting wet. Just make sure to keep it in good condition. That way your helmet can keep your head in good condition.


Head lice can be controlled by using 6 cent surgical caps or by leaving helmets in storage for two weeks while the nits die. Vacuuming and wiping out the helmets is another recommended method.


To control lice in helmets, The National Pediculosis Association recommends vacuuming and wiping out the helmets, noting that a louse can survive less than 24 hours away from a human host, but the nits on a hair left in the helmet could survive up to 10 days. Detachable foam fitting pads and the nylon straps can be washed.